Gwelf: The Survival Guide

Larry MacDougall

Dear reader,

We welcome and encourage tourists of all kinds in Gwelf. The survival guide will tell you what to expect, what equipment to pack, who to trust and hire as a guide, and where to rest for the night in this magical land steeped in history and mystery. Tips and tricks on how to best enjoy your stay in the more populous areas and cities, together with crucial survival techniques for how to avoid or overcome haunts, ragteeth, mange, or raven machinations cannot be found in any other resource. As a bonus, you’ll learn some Gwelf history and lore and get to know some of the locals and our culture.

Indeed, so charming and wondrous is Gwelf that occasionally tourists decide to stay and become citizens, joining the ranks of the home guard; settling in a town as a merchant, artist, or voyeur; or simply retiring to the country or farmlands.

Tragically, there have been some that have stayed, but not by choice. We, the Council, fear that this has cast a negative light on our beauteous realm. Rest assured that should you follow the precautions outlined in our guide, you will be quite safe, as it is the Council’s intention to provide this book as a resource so that future mishaps might be avoided.